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Looking to find the best place for a new office?
Involved in a court case dealing with real estate?
Need to know area growth for your investment?


Allocating “you own it” zip-codes to your staff, is the great new way to go. We helped invent it with Zip Realty. (bought by Realogy for $166 million).

No matter what information you need, we are here to give you answers virtually impossible to find elsewhere.


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PS: We can’t promise you a $166 million deal, but you will find our guidance invaluable.

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As a matter of practice, we maintain our clients information on a strictly confidential basis, and do not disclose such information to third parties, unless required by law. If you have any questions or comments about our personal information practices, or would like to make a written request for access to your personal information or request to delete your information, please contact our Privacy Officer at info@restats.com or mail us at Privacy Officer, IMS Incorporated, 2792 Dufferin Street, Toronto, Ontario, M6B 3R7