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Brokers & Recruiters

Harness the power of effective recruiting.
Identify the best talent, recruit the right agents, and spend just 45 minutes a day, augmenting your team; track competitors and market trends and empower your agents with GraphIt Pro.
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Use Multi-Office’s many resources to increase offices’ efficiency and generate the highest return on investment.​
Managing multiple locations is hard. Visualize how offices stack up against each other and get a birds-eye view of competitors and trends in the real estate landscape.
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All the tools you need to be among the top ranked agents in the zip code of your choice.​
Access in-depth information on activity in your jurisdiction, find the perfect areas to work in, and access all the data you need to maximize sales.
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Banks/Mortgage Brokers

Access all the right data to optimize your organization’s mortgage planning
Analyze mortgage hotspots, draw spheres of influence, and identify the best areas to market new mortgages.
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What our Users say

Our mission is to help you achieve your next plateau, we believe your business is our business.

My clients think I am a real estate genius. Thanks to the REality Agent software. It allows me to focus on the areas where homes are moving fast. Personally, I have doubled my transactions in the last 8 months, even with COVID19.

Ed B. Atlanta, GA.

Recruiting was a real problem before I was introduced to REality. I love it! Now when I choose a candidate, one click transfers all their stats and information into the CRM. Best of all, it prompts me to use the right message for my target hire!

Susan Z. Miami, FL.

REality makes my company a winner. I distribute up-to-date graphs to my sales staff every month. REality's data makes their presentations unique -- and that makes my agents winners.

Sally H. Phoenix, AZ.

I have been using REality for over 4 years. What can I say? The information is incredible. I have reduced my recruiting time by more than half.

Sean D. Jr. Levittown, PA.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Use REality® Software recruiting reports. They identify performers in your market and let you check the activity of all potential recruits.

    Available Reports:


    Our Market Share reports give you the detailed performance of every office in your area.

    Using our monthly Market trends Views®, your agents can show clients where their market has been, where it is, and where it is going.

    Graphs Available:

    Units Sold  | Average Price | Value of Sold | Days on Market | Asked to Sold Ratio | Sold 100%+ | And much more...

    Our Market Share Reports, used by the head offices of major national franchises, measure the performance of each franchise in the areas you specify.

    Our Area Intelligence Reports® have helped thousands of agents rethink the basic building block of their business: the area where they work.

    Area Intelligence Reports give you precise historical and current data about all facets of your marketplace, allowing you to make choices based on documented facts.

    Broaden your focus on the market as a whole. Using our monthly Market Trends Views®, you can show clients where the market has been, where it is, and where it is going. Tell clients what they want to know and they'll give you their business.

    Available Graphs: 

    Units Sold | Value Sold | Average Price | Days on Market | Average Asked to Sold Ratio, and much more...

    We offer interactive trainning using the web and coaching calls to help you better understand the use of statistics in the real estate business.

    Our six coaching calls:

    1. Your business plan based on statistical facts, not fiction.
    2. Using statistics to pick the right agents for your team.
    3. The ultimate stats decision: your “sphere of influence”.
    4. Using Hidden statistical secrets to kill the competition.
    5. Using statistics to gain Market Share.
    6. Using Market Indicators: becoming a Real Estician.

    Let us show you how easy it can be!

    Click the button below for a 12-minute demonstration that will totally amaze you. Let REality® pave your way to a higher income plateau.
    Recruit staff in less time, with agent performance stats at your fingertips.
    Know your competition's market share, then make your office look good.
    REality Software allows you to relax harder, by working smarter.

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    The Fine Art of Recruiting the Right Agents

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